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A unit of the department

Forest Protection

Head of Unit

The Unit of Phytopathology conducts research on plant-pathogenous fungi, bacteria and viruses as well as chemically traceable indicators of plant stress (trees and shrubs) through biotic and abiotic factors. The BFW is cooperation partner of Phytophthora Research Centre.

Priority Areas of Work

  • Biology of plant pathogens
  • Causes for complex tree diseases – analysis of interactions between pathogenous agents, host plant, environment and climate
  • Risk assessment in relation to plant pathogens in endangered ecosystems
  • Biochemical investigations on stress in forest trees
  • Diagnosis of fungal diseases
  • Elaboration of curative and preventive control measures
  • Documentation of biotic damaging factors
  • Advisory services (damage diagnosis and information system online) and expert opinion in connection with plant health problems
  • Elaboration and adjustment of methods for stress diagnosis in woody plants.
  • Analysis of biochemical parameters, such as antioxidants and pigments, as early warning signals of stress, identification of their natural dynamics and range at different sites