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Plant Health &

Timber Trade Control

The Unit of Entomology provides ongoing work in the area of insect research related to trees and shrubs. Activities focus on damages due to insects, other arthropods such as arachnids (e.g. acarias) and nematodes including development, pest biology and interaction with counterparts (beneficial organisms) and abiotic damages.

In addition to diagnosis, risk assessment and elaboration of strategies and control measures special emphasis is given to monitoring. The various activities are underpinned by scientific findings.
The aim of the Unit is to make available new findings as well as traditional knowledge in the field of forest entomology for all people actively involved in forests and forestry, including enterprises, institutions and other stakeholders.

Priority Areas of Work

  • Damages due to insects and other pests
  • Bioinvaders and quarantine pests
  • Official Phytosanitary ServiceBiology of plant pathogens
  • Diagnosis of insects and other arthropods, development of improved diagnosis methods
  • Risk assessment
  • Prevention and control measures
  • Monitoring
  • Austria-wide Forest Damage Databases
  • Advisory services
  • Expert opinion
  • Extension and information