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Online course on non-native trees - Education

Have you always wanted to know what “non-native trees” are, what their risks and benefits are and how they relate to the forests and urban green space? Then you’ve come...

Unit for Forest Biodiversity

High Five - Project

Measures for the conservation of native tree species of the Ethiopian Highlands: Linking genetic conservation to re-establishment of species diverse forests. Climate change, rural poverty and global food and nutrition...

Department for Forest Biodiversity & Nature Conservation
Gruppenfoto der Teilnehmer:Innen in einer Halle vor einem großen Weihnachtsbaum

OptFORESTS project to enhance diversity and resilience of future European forests - Project OptFORESTS

The 5-year project aims to support the protection and sustainable use of forest genetic resources in Europe in the face of environmental and societal challenges. Faced with the challenges posed...

Unit for Ecological Genetics
Wald mit mehreren Douglasien

Correctly assessing non-native tree species in the Alpine region - ALPTREES Project

Robinia, Douglas fir and red oak were introduced to Europe several hundred years ago and are among the 530 tree species that are non-native to Europe. Most of these non-native...

Department for Forest Biodiversity & Nature Conservation

Stepping stone biotopes for the promotion of biodiversity in the forest - Waldfonds project ConnectPLUS

The ConnectPLUS project funded by Waldfonds serves to preserve, improve, and restore stepping stone biotope areas that are valuable for nature conservation. These serve as reproduction or retreat sites for...

Department for Forest Biodiversity & Nature Conservation
Lila Akeleie von oben fotografiert

WaldBIOLOG – Biodiversity in Austrian Forests under Climate Change - Project

Within the project WaldBIOLOG the status, as well as the identification of trends of the Austrian forest biodiversity in climate change will be assessed. This will be done by recalculating...

Department for Forest Biodiversity & Nature Conservation
Feuersalamander im Wald

Salamander – Systematically assessing, communicating and promoting the biodiversity of Austrian forests - Project

The Salamander project serves to conserve and protect threatened species in forest ecosystems by strengthening knowledge transfer and implementing biodiversity conservation measures in sustainable forest management. Biodiversity in forest ecosystems...

Department for Forest Biodiversity & Nature Conservation
Garten mit mehreren Beeten

Experimental Garden Tulln - Project

The adaptation of Austrian forests to climate change and the preservation of tree species diversity require exceptional know-how and a wide variety of methods. In the BFW Experimental Garden Tulln,...

Department for Forest Biodiversity & Nature Conservation