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Austrian Research Centre for Forests (BFW)
Seckendorff-Gudent-Weg 8, A-1131 Vienna, Austria

Owner of the BFW: Republic of Austria
Supervisory Authority: Ministery of Agricultural and Forestry, Regions and Water Management

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Peter Mayer
Director of BFW:

T National
01 878 38-0
T International
+43 1 878 38-0
F National
01 878 32 1250
F International
+43 1/878 38-1250

Headquarters Vienna


IBAN: AT09 6000 0000 9605 0844
Bankleitzahl: 60000
Kontonummer: PSK 96.050.844

Handelsgericht Wien , FN 257240 w
UID-Nummer: ATU 61289616
DVR: 0099384

The Austrian Research Centre for Forests (BFW) is an Austrian, multidisciplinary research and training centre of the federal government in the legal form of a “public law institution”. The BFW supports the economically, ecologically and socially sustainable development of society by developing scientific principles and imparting knowledge on the multifunctional use of natural resources.

The BFW serves, among other things, the federal government as a centre for research, education and further training, as well as an information, coordination and advisory centre in the areas of forests, natural hazards and landscape.

The scope of duties is defined in more detail in the BFW Act (part of the Agricultural Law Amendment Act) and Forest Act (Federal Law Gazette 83/2004).


The BFW is the author and authorized user of the information provided and owner of all other related property rights. The reproduction of texts and data, including (digital) storage and use on optical and electronic data media, is only permitted with the prior written consent of BFW. The use of the texts and data, including feeding them into online services, databases or homepages by unauthorised third parties, and the alteration or falsification of information is prohibited. However, downloading and printing for personal, non-commercial use is permitted.


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