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Projects and research

All articles and contributions to Projects and Research Results of the departments of the Research Centre for Forest can be found here. Using our Search in the menu you can search and filter all articles.

Development of ecosystem-based approaches for the support of risk management activities in connection with natural hazards and climate change - GreenRisk4Alps

GreenRisk4Alps will establish, test and implement new forestry and ecosystem-based management in the Alpine region. Integrated user-tailored and territorially specific risk management systems for natural hazards such as rock fall, avalanches, debris flows and torrents will be implemented in six Pilot Action Regions balancing numerous interests, demands and costs. Project Summary Forests and mountain ecosystems […]

Department for Natural Hazards
Man sitting and held a drone in his hand

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for testing torrent and avalanche control measurers - BAUWEKA

Potentials and limitations of utilizing new technologie to study natural hazard protection areas.

Unit for Snow & Avalanches

Project TEACHER-CE joins efforts to increase the adaptation of water management to climate change - Interreg

The Austrian Research Centre for Forests (BFW) is therefore working together with 11 partners in the new INTERREG project TEACHER-CE to adapt water management to climate change in Central Europe.

Department for Forest Growth, Silviculture & Genetics
Mit der Messkluppe wird der Durchmesser gemessen

European National Forest Inventories harmonise their data - Horizon 2020

Until now the data of growing stock were hardly comparable across country borders. The European National Forest Inventories have now succeeded to harmonise the computation of growing stocks within the scope of the Horizon 2020 project “DIABOLO”. A major support for the information needs at the European level. National Forest Inventories are the major source […]

Unit for Inventory Design & Analysis

PARAmount: Interpretation of an Expert Survey by BFW - Questionnaire

Within the framework of the project PARAmount a Communication and Decision Support Tool (CDT) was developed, as a contribution to the highly emotional discussion about natural hazard management. Basic information was collected by means of an online survey in which respondents were asked to rate the importance of individual parameters for different process types. More […]

Ansicht eines Hochgebirges

Climate change adaptation: Opportunities and risks of non-native tree species - Nature conservation

How individual non-native tree species will perform in the Austrian forests in the future will be investigated using, among other things, climate envelope models and in-situ surveys on selected plots.

Unit for Forest Biodiversity