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All Publications of the Austrian Research Centre for Forests can be found and filtered on this page. Complete articles, information and news from the different departments of the BFW can be found on the page „Projects & Research Results”.

Bosela M., Merganicova K., Torresan Ch., Cherubini P., Fabrika M., Heinze B., 2022:

Modelling Future Growth of Mountain Forests under Changing Environments.

In: Climate-Smart Forestry in Mountain Regions, Cham, (40): 223-262

Zöscher J., 2022:

150 Jahre Kärntner Forstverein. Zukunft braucht Vergangenheit.

Kärntner Forstverein Information, Klagenfurt, (97): 5

Frank G., Senitza E., Paterno S., Harnack N., Steiner H., 2022:

Naturnaher Waldbau. Kunst- oder Lehrstück?

Forstzeitung, Wien, 133(1): 22-24

Baselt I., de Oliveira G. Q., Fischer J-T., Pudasaini S. P., 2022:

Deposition morphology in large-scale laboratory stony debris flows.

Geomorphology 396, 107992.

Ackermann J., Adler P., Koukal T., Martin K., Waser L., 2022:

Fernerkundungsdaten zur Schaderfassung in der forstlichen Praxis.

AFZ-Der Wald, München, 77(2): 20-24