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Garten mit mehreren Beeten

Experimental Garden Tulln - Project

In the BFW Experimental Garden Tulln, meticulous techniques are used to produce plants for the conservation and breeding of climate tolerant, rare and site specific tree species.

Department for Forest Biodiversity & Nature Conservation
Längliche Beete mit noch kleinen Baumpflanzen

Services of the Experimental Garden Tulln -

The team of the Experimental Garden supports numerous research projects and offers multiple services including training.

Department for Forest Biodiversity & Nature Conservation
Ansicht eines Bergwaldes mit Wasserfall in Rumänien

New Green Deal project (SUPERB) aims to improve forest restoration and ecosystem services -

Science and practice from across Europe are joining forces under the leadership of the European Forest Institute to ensure the long-term development of biodiversity and ecosystem services of our forests. The Austrian Research Centre for Forests (BFW) is contributing its expertise in silviculture, genetics and conservation in regeneration and afforestation measures to this effort.

Department for Forest Growth, Silviculture & Genetics

Green4C National Launch Event at WALDCAMPUS Austria - Review

32 participants came together at WALDCAMPUS Austria in Traunkirchen for the Green4C National Launch Event to exchange, network and learn about nature-based solutions in urban and rural areas.

Buchenwald bei Pottenstein, Niederösterreich

Gene conservation forests - Forest genetics

Gene conservation forests are the instrument for in situ gene conservation of forest genetic resources in Austria.

Unit for Ecological Genetics

Conserving forest biodiversity through habitat connectivity - Stepping stones

The ConnectForestBiodiversity project makes an important contribution to the conservation and enhancement of habitat connectivity through the establishment and setting aside from management of habitat patches in forests.

Unit for Forest Biodiversity

Project TEACHER-CE joins efforts to increase the adaptation of water management to climate change - Interreg

The Austrian Research Centre for Forests (BFW) is therefore working together with 11 partners in the new INTERREG project TEACHER-CE to adapt water management to climate change in Central Europe.

Department for Forest Growth, Silviculture & Genetics

PARAmount: Interpretation of an Expert Survey by BFW - Questionnaire

Within the framework of the project PARAmount a Communication and Decision Support Tool (CDT) was developed, as a contribution to the highly emotional discussion about natural hazard management. Basic information was collected by means of an online survey in which respondents were asked to rate the importance of individual parameters for different process types. More […]

Blick in einen Talkessel mit Wald und Wiesen

Forest Ecology Service Platform - Service for Forest Owners

Support for Austrian forest owners in promoting biodiversity in their forests.

Unit for Forest Biodiversity
Ansicht eines Hochgebirges

Climate change adaptation: Opportunities and risks of non-native tree species - Nature conservation

How individual non-native tree species will perform in the Austrian forests in the future will be investigated using, among other things, climate envelope models and in-situ surveys on selected plots.

Unit for Forest Biodiversity

BFW supporting a harmonized assessment of forest availability for wood supply in Europe - USEWOOD

A new definition on forests available for wood supply has been found! BFW together with partner institutions recently published a paper on this topic.

Unit for Inventory Design & Analysis
Runoff in the mountain region

Code of Practice for the Assessment of Surface Runoff Coefficients - Compendium

The first BFW “Code of Practice for the Assessment of Surface Runoff Coefficients for Alpine Soil/Vegetation Complexes in Torrential Rain” has been published in 2004 (in German language). The Interreg-South East Europe-Project CC-WaterS offered the opportunity to integrate some new findings in experimental runoff research and to release a report in English language in 2011. […]

Unit for Torrent Processes & Hydrology