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Forests in a changing climate

Our forest faces major challenges in the context of climate change. In future, it will have to be able to cope with higher temperatures, more moisture in winter and drier summers.

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NETGEN offers demonstration areas for forest knowledge transfer and makes the importance of DNA and Co. in the forest visible.

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Digital soil map of agricultural soils

The digital soil map eBOD provides all site characteristics of the agricultural soil in Austria.

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Origin Advice

The selection of seed and planting material is of utmost importance for forest crops, because the origin once chosen is the basis of production for many decades.

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ISSW 2018

The thematic focus is on current scientific findings, practical experience reports and innovative technologies on an international level.

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Forest knowledge is the most important information platform on forests and forestry in the German-speaking world. Comprehensibly prepared, presented in a contemporary style and professionally well-founded. These are the quality requirements for the articles.

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Forest Inventory

For half a century, the Austrian Forest Inventory (ÖWI) has periodically collected a multitude of data on the condition and changes of the Austrian forest.

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wildlife impact monitoring

Wildlife influence monitoring is carried out according to uniform national guidelines in order to be able to continuously observe the wildlife influence on forest regeneration through browsing and sweeping of young plants.

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Forest ecological data


The Forest Ecological Data Portal provides ecologically relevant data currently measured by BFW free of charge and updated daily (weather, soil moisture, temperature, etc.)

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Lexicon of air pollution harmful to forests

The Dictionary of Air Pollution Damaging to Forests contains over 4800 relevant keywords with cross-references and English translations.

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Energy wood shredding

Shredding is a cost-intensive step in the production of energy wood. The online database provides a market overview of machines.

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