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Services of the Experimental Garden Tulln

The team of the Experimental Garden supports numerous research projects and offers multiple services including training. Expertise includes plugwood (graft stick) production, grafting, generative and vegetative propagation for experimental crops, growing seedlings from plantation seed, and plantation maintenance and seed recovery.

In the BFW Experimental Garden Tulln, meticulous techniques are used to produce plants for the conservation and breeding of climate tolerant, rare and site specific tree species.

Forest Biodiversity and Nature Conservation

DI Dr. Heino Konrad

T +43-1-87838-2112

Forest Biodiversity and Nature Conservation

DI Dr. Katharina Lapin

T +43-1-87838-1350

Special assortments and contract cultivation

The Experimental Garden team is also happy to accept contract cultivation of special assortments (stand harvesting and special origins). Furthermore, we propagate rare tree and shrub species.

Energy wood

Cuttings and rooted poplar and willow young plants of a variety of clones are available in the Experimental Garden. We also offer Robinia clones for biomass production ("Tullner Auslese").

Establishment of seed orchards

The Department of Ecological Genetics and Biodiversity will be pleased to advise you on the establishment and funding possibilities for private forest seed orchards. From the selection of clones (plus trees) to the propagation of the same by grafting, to the planting out on the final site; all services can be carried out by the Experimental Garden team on request. We always try to find an optimal individual solution for each forestry operation.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!