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Forschungsteam, bestehend aus 10 Personen, stehen im Wald

Soil Warming Experiment Achenkirch - Long term experiment

The project investigates how global warming affects forest soil processes. A special focus lies on soil carbon. Forest soil store huge amounts of organic carbon which could be released into...

Unit for Climate Impact Research Coordination
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Yes, we change! - Interreg project

The forests of the world contribute considerably to the regulation of the climate. Nevertheless, climate change is in progress and forests will not be able to prevent it. The window...

Unit for Climate Impact Research Coordination
The forests at the Danube are the biggest semi-natural floodplain forest in Central Europe (picture: pixabay).

Detecting greenhouse gas emissions in floodplain forests - Climate change

Floodplains are periodically flooded, which makes scientific working difficult. Hence, these highly dynamic ecosystems have not yet been investigated extensively with regard to greenhouse gas (GHG) fluxes. The Austrian Research...

Unit for Climate Impact Research Coordination

Measuring Greenhouse Gases in Singapur - Inventory

With the SINSOIL project, the first baseline data on soil GHG emissions (CO2, N2O and CH4) from a natural forest land and an urban parkland in Singapur under commonly used...

Department for Forest Ecology & Soil
Fortification complex Altfinstermünz near Nauders (Picture: Franz Geiger, Wikimedia, CC)

Cultural Heritage. Risks and Securing activities - Risk assessment

CHEERS (Cultural HEritagE. Risks and Securing activities) is a European project concerning the protection of cultural heritage exposed to environmental risks (natural disasters, climate change, etc.). The Alps host an...

Unit for Climate Impact Research Coordination