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Inventory Logistics

& Database

A unit of the department

Forest Inventory

Head of Unit

The execution of a large-scale monitoring such as the Austrian Forest Inventory is, in addition to methodological aspects, always a logistics and database technological challenge. It requires the use of innovative measurement technology (e.g. ultrasonic measurement of tree height) and data entry and transmission. The Unit of Inventory Logistics and Database takes care of all logistical planning and preparation works for the Austrian Forest Inventory.

Priority Areas of Work

  • Logistical support and preparation of the Austrian Forest Inventory
  • Measuring instruments, hard and software
  • Field work and cost control
  • Software development
  • Supply of appropriate hard and software as well as measuring instruments
  • Derive parameters from empirical data from earlier inventories to allow temporal and spatial planning, including human resources capacity building
  • Market surveys as a tool for decision-making for the supply of hard and software as well as the required measuring instruments and other field work facilities
  • Elaboration of special surveying software for computer-aided field data collection that is not to be found on the market, including check of survey data for plausibility and completeness
  • Preparation and up-date of all required digital and analogue survey files, provision of the required hard and software as well as measuring instruments and other field work facilities
  • Spatial and temporal planning including human resources capacity building; organisation of field work including continuous progress and cost control of field surveys
  • Continuous transfer, back-up and quality check of survey data
  • Contribution to statistical evaluation and interpretation of final results of the Austrian Forest Inventory, special surveys and expert advice to scientific aspects of topical policy issues