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Blick auf ein Dorf im Tal, An den Hängen Schutzwald und ein Lawinenschutzzaun. Im rechten oberen Eck das Logo von Intrapraevent

INTERPRAEVENT 2024 in Vienna on natural hazards in a changing climate - Conference

From June 10 to 13, the international conference INTERPRAEVENT 2024 will take place at the conference center Hofburg in Vienna. The key values of the conference are the strengthening of...

Department for Natural Hazards
Zwei Männer im Schnee mit Messgeräten

Protection Forests in the Alpine Region – Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change - Project MOSAIC

Climate change is undeniably contributing to the increase in weather- and climate-related natural disasters, affecting Alpine communities. Natural disasters are often the result of compound events, which are combinations of...

Department for Natural Hazards
Aufsicht auf eine Berglandschaft mit vielen gefallenen Bäumen

Transboundary Storm Risk and Impact Assessment in Alpine Regions - TRANS-ALP Project

Late fall and winter storms are becoming more and more evident in the Alpine region, causing large ecological and socio-economic damages, e.g., storm Vaia (also known as Adrian), which affected...

Department for Natural Hazards

AvaRange | Understanding the Flow Mobility of Avalanches - Cooperation for Researching Avalanches

In-flow data with high precision in real avalanche scenarios are the product of the cooperative project of BFW Institute for Natural Hazards Innsbruck, TU Berlin and University of Innsbruck. This...

Unit for Snow & Avalanches
Runoff in the mountain region

Code of Practice for the Assessment of Surface Runoff Coefficients - Compendium

The first BFW “Code of Practice for the Assessment of Surface Runoff Coefficients for Alpine Soil/Vegetation Complexes in Torrential Rain” has been published in 2004 (in German language). The Interreg-South...

Unit for Torrent Processes & Hydrology
Man sitting and held a drone in his hand

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for testing torrent and avalanche control measurers - BAUWEKA

Using UAVs are cost efficient, flexible and multifunctional ways to create geodata. The so-called drones are operating today in the fields of mechatronic, aircraft industry, navigation and software development after...

Unit for Snow & Avalanches

Exploring ICT solutions for snow and avalanche assessments - Report

The motivation for this exploratory study came from the observed increasing demand for up-to-date information on snow conditions and avalanches in decision-making processes. In the context of ICT4snow the technical...

Unit for Snow & Avalanches

„Avalanche training courses are the new highrisk sports“ - Conference

A presenter on day 5 of ISSW2018 put forward this bold statement. Day 5 was dedicated to avalanche training and rescue. Many presentations highlighted that self-reflection is required in each...

Unit for Snow & Avalanches