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Online course on non-native trees - Education

The team of the ALPTREES project, which is co-financed by the European Union via the Interreg Alpine Space Programme, produced a free online course to give everyone the opportunity to deepen his or her knowledge about the sustainable use and management of non-native trees in the Alpine Space.

Unit for Forest Biodiversity
Titelbild des englischen österreichischen Waldberichts

Austrian Forest Report 2023 - Report

The Austrian Research Centre for Forests (BFW) has published the Austrian Forest Report 2023 on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management.


High Five - Project

Measures for the conservation of native tree species of the Ethiopian Highlands: Linking genetic conservation to re-establishment of species diverse forests.

Department for Forest Biodiversity & Nature Conservation
Zwei Männer im Schnee mit Messgeräten

Protection Forests in the Alpine Region – Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change - Project MOSAIC

Climate change is undeniably contributing to the increase in weather- and climate-related natural disasters, affecting Alpine communities. Natural disasters are often the result of compound events, which are combinations of multiple climate- and/or weather-related hazards that contribute to societal or environmental risks.

Department for Natural Hazards

A Novel EU Project Provides Forest Information for Europe’s Roadmap Towards Climate Neutrality - Project

A better monitoring of Europe’s forest will help countries mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Department for Forest Inventory
Vogelperspektive auf FAST Traunkirchen mit Traunsee im Hintergrund

Summer School: Modelling Assisted Migration to adapt forests and ecosystem services to climate change - Summer School

The Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape (BFW) will host a six-day Summer School at FAST Traunkirchen from July 30 to August 40, 2023. It will provide insights into assisted migration of forests under climate change.

Department for Forest Growth, Silviculture & Genetics

Innovative VET for Key Competences in the Emerging Field of Forest Bioeconomy - E-Learning

A multimedia e-learning course will be developed and the content will be freely available in English, Croatian, German and Slovenian language.

Department for Forest Growth, Silviculture & Genetics
The forests at the Danube are the biggest semi-natural floodplain forest in Central Europe (picture: pixabay).

Detecting greenhouse gas emissions in floodplain forests - Climate change

Ecological processes in floodplains and their impact on greenhouse gas fluxes are still to be discovered. BFW therefore investigates the dynamic ecosystems in the Austrian Danube National Park.

Unit for Climate Impact Research Coordination

PARAmount: Interpretation of an Expert Survey by BFW - Questionnaire

Within the framework of the project PARAmount a Communication and Decision Support Tool (CDT) was developed, as a contribution to the highly emotional discussion about natural hazard management. Basic information was collected by means of an online survey in which respondents were asked to rate the importance of individual parameters for different process types. More […]

Test area in the Region Wienerwald

Austrian pine fit for climate change? - New test site

Climate projections forecast a rise of the Earth’s average temperature of 2 to 4 degrees Celsius until the year 2100. The prognosis for Austria is an increase of 3.5 degrees Celsius until 2100 (Österreichischer Sachstandsbericht zum Klimawandel, 2014). This will also lead to new challenges in the forestry sector. Sustainable managed forests and the utilization […]

Unit for Forest Growth
Green larvae of the box tree moth

Box tree moth harming garden shrubs - Management strategy

Experts from the European Union and the Black Sea region discuss about measures taken against the aggressive moth. Soon infected box trees will be located again at cemeteries and in private gardens. The plant pest is easy to identify by the typical feeding pattern. The moth species is a well known pest in Austria and […]

Unit for Entomology and Forest Protection Procedures

Woodland Bird Index for Austria - Project WBI

The main task are indicator update, review of representiveness and knowledge transfer.

Department for Forest Biodiversity & Nature Conservation