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All articles and contributions to Projects and Research Results of the departments of the Research Centre for Forest can be found here. Using our Search in the menu you can search and filter all articles.

Zwei Männer im Schnee mit Messgeräten

Protection Forests in the Alpine Region – Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change - Project MOSAIC

Climate change is undeniably contributing to the increase in weather- and climate-related natural disasters, affecting Alpine communities. Natural disasters are often the result of compound events, which are combinations of multiple climate- and/or weather-related hazards that contribute to societal or environmental risks.

Department for Natural Hazards

A Novel EU Project Provides Forest Information for Europe’s Roadmap Towards Climate Neutrality - Project

A better monitoring of Europe’s forest will help countries mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Department for Forest Inventory

NatWALD – Identification, selection, establishment & monitoring of new natural forest reserves - Project NatWALD

Natural forest reserves (NFR) have gained political and social importance due to current challenges related to climate change and the biodiversity crisis. The aim of the NatWALD project is to expand the existing network by setting up 15 new NFRs (approx. 500 ha) with a contract period of 20 years.

Unit for Natural Forest Reserves
Ein Löschhubschrauber fliegt über einem Wald und löscht einen Brand.

Research group investigates the behaviour of forest fires - Project EMERGE

Forest fires have so far been a marginal topic in Austria, but in the future an increase in such events is expected. A group of researchers is currently investigating how the behaviour of fires in forests can be better assessed.

Unit for Remote Sensing
Man sieht durch den Sucher einer Kamera Waldarbeiter im Wald

Forestry training goes digital - Project 2ForT

Forestry is very much practice-oriented, so the digital paths in education are not yet very developed. The project 2ForT wants to change this circumstance.


A red-hot future for Austria’s forests - Project Austria Fire Futures

In the future, the risk of forest fire will be a permanent threat of summer in Austria as well. How we can better deal with it is being researched in the Austria Fire Futures project.

Unit for Remote Sensing
The forests at the Danube are the biggest semi-natural floodplain forest in Central Europe (picture: pixabay).

Detecting greenhouse gas emissions in floodplain forests - Climate change

Ecological processes in floodplains and their impact on greenhouse gas fluxes are still to be discovered. BFW therefore investigates the dynamic ecosystems in the Austrian Danube National Park.

Unit for Climate Impact Research Coordination
Test area in the Region Wienerwald

Austrian pine fit for climate change? - New test site

Climate projections forecast a rise of the Earth’s average temperature of 2 to 4 degrees Celsius until the year 2100. The prognosis for Austria is an increase of 3.5 degrees Celsius until 2100 (Österreichischer Sachstandsbericht zum Klimawandel, 2014). This will also lead to new challenges in the forestry sector. Sustainable managed forests and the utilization […]

Unit for Forest Growth
Zwei Männer stehen im Wald in messen Baumstämme im Rahmen der Waldinventur ab

MoniFun Project kicked off - MoniFun Project

New EU Project strives to enhance European Forest Monitoring.

Department for Forest Inventory
Garten mit mehreren Beeten

Experimental Garden Tulln - Project

In the BFW Experimental Garden Tulln, meticulous techniques are used to produce plants for the conservation and breeding of climate tolerant, rare and site specific tree species.

Department for Forest Biodiversity & Nature Conservation

Two decades of natural forest reserves - Nature protection

20 years of natural forest reserves, 195 natural forest reserves over a total area of 8403 ha – almost the size of a  national park. Research in natural forest reserves is long-term research. This costs time and resources. And the long-standing observation plots are already bearing fruit. The Austrian Natural Forest Reserves Programme was initiated […]

Unit for Natural Forest Reserves

Conserving forest biodiversity through habitat connectivity - Stepping stones

The ConnectForestBiodiversity project makes an important contribution to the conservation and enhancement of habitat connectivity through the establishment and setting aside from management of habitat patches in forests.

Unit for Forest Biodiversity