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All articles and contributions to Projects and Research Results of the departments of the Research Centre for Forest can be found here. Using our Search in the menu you can search and filter all articles.

Baumstamm mit Höhlen

The European network Integrate - Network

As early as the COST Action E27 on the harmonization of protected forest areas (2002-2006), it became clear that protected forest areas in the strict categories account for only around 3% of Europe's forest area. The question therefore remains: what is happening in terms of biodiversity conservation in the remaining 97% of the forest?

Department for Forest Biodiversity & Nature Conservation

Woodland Bird Index for Austria - Project WBI

The main task are indicator update, review of representiveness and knowledge transfer.

Department for Forest Biodiversity & Nature Conservation
Zwei Männer stehen im Wald in messen Baumstämme im Rahmen der Waldinventur ab

MoniFun Project kicked off - MoniFun Project

New EU Project strives to enhance European Forest Monitoring.

Department for Forest Inventory
Drei Wanderer an einem See mit Wald im Hintergrund

WeNaTour – The European Alliance for Innovation and Sustainability Education in Welfare, Nature, and Tourism - WeNaTour Project

WeNaTour is a European project funded by the Erasmus+ program aimed at training new professionals for sustainable tourism and exploring emerging markets, while keeping the well-being of local communities and the preservation of the environment at the core of its strategies, towards a more responsible and sustainable future.

Unit for Forest Society & International Relations
Holzpellets in Großaufnahme

Strategies for the optimal bioenergy use in Austria - Project BIOSTRAT

Within the next two years, the project team of BIOSTRAT aims to identify optimal biomass utilization pathways up to 2050 optimized in terms of minimizing carbon emissions and costs.

Department for Forest Ecology & Soil

Online course on non-native trees - Education

The team of the ALPTREES project, which is co-financed by the European Union via the Interreg Alpine Space Programme, produced a free online course to give everyone the opportunity to deepen his or her knowledge about the sustainable use and management of non-native trees in the Alpine Space.

Unit for Forest Biodiversity
Wald in Serbien

Twinning Serbia - Improvement of forest management in Serbia as a contribution to climate change adaptation and mitigation

In 2013 the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) between the EU and the Republic of Serbia entered into force. Article 1 Section 2 (d) of the SAA states that the aim of the Association established is "to support the efforts of Serbia to develop its economic and international cooperation, including through the approximation of its legislation to that of the Community".

Unit for Forest Society & International Relations
Fortification complex Altfinstermünz near Nauders (Picture: Franz Geiger, Wikimedia, CC)

Cultural Heritage. Risks and Securing activities - Risk assessment

CHEERS is a European project concerning the protection of cultural heritage exposed to environmental risks (natural disasters, climate change, etc.).

Unit for Climate Impact Research Coordination
Flowers of Parkia biglobosa Foto: Marco Schmidt, CC BY-SA 3.0

Making Chromosomes Visible - Forest genetics

Parkia biglobosa (African locust bean) or Néré is a versatile tree species in Africa. Among other things, it has been and is the subject of a series of genetic examinations and provenance trials with the aim of selecting more drought-resistant forms. Despite all types of interest in this tree species, we have only poor knowledge […]

Unit for Provenance Research & Breeding

Video: Impact of Climate Change in Africa - Multimedia

Burkina Faso, situated in the west of Africa, experiences a tropical climate depending on its geographical location. The rainy season lasts for almost two to five months and is a major driver of its floristic and vegetational characteristics of the region. The typical park landscapes i.e. cultivated landscapes created for agroforestry practices are exposed to […]

Department for Forest Biodiversity & Nature Conservation
Forschungsteam, bestehend aus 10 Personen, stehen im Wald

Soil Warming Experiment Achenkirch - Long term experiment

The project investigates how global warming affects forest soil processes. A special focus lies on soil carbon. Forest soil store huge amounts of organic carbon which could be released into the atmosphere. Decomposer microbes mineralize dead organic matter such as leave and root litter and thereby release important nutrients for plant growth. A share of […]

Unit for Climate Impact Research Coordination
Meassurement of diameter

Information for Europe’s bioeconomy - Forest inventory

Comprehensive information on forest ecosystems and landscape changes are collected through national forest inventories. More efforts are needed to harmonise the data to make it comparable and easy to access. The project DIABOLO tackles Europe’s social, ecological and economic challenge, by providing such a platform of exchange. The increasing competition for forest resources will necessitate […]

Unit for Inventory Design & Analysis